How much do you know about your tires?

It is easy to assume or forget to check your tires as regularly as you would your engine. What we fail to realize is that the tires are perhaps the most important part of a vehicle. In terms of maintenance, tires rank as the highest cost item in a vehicle. Shouldn’t they then warrant more care  than we devote to them?

In a bid to ensure that you are taking care of your tires, let’s get to decoding what those markings on your tire mean and how you can use them to ensure you get the most out of your tires; and your vehicle.

Tire expiry date.

Yes, tires do expire. The last numbers on your right, indicate when your tires were manufactured 2613, stands for manufactured on the 26th week of year 2013. Depending on weather conditions, a tire may last from 2-5 years post manufacturing in storage. Beyond this, one needs to check that they have not succumbed to wear and tear before using them.

Tread depth.

This is probably what we check for most on the tires. The wear and tear of the tread area. But how exactly do you determine if a tire is ready to be tossed out or it still has some life in it? The bit under circled above is the tread bar. It is a gauge that you can use to check the rest of your tread area against. If your neighboring tread area lies flat against the top of the bar then it is time you considered replacing your tires or getting them retreaded.

Tire pressure.

If you have been to the petrol station to check your pressure, that number they ask for before pressuring them isn’t a question left to speculation. It is recommended that you follow your vehicle manufacturer’s guide on tire pressure but even then do not exceed the max. pressure of your tire as indicated above. This allows your vehicle to perform optimally, increases the life of your tires, and keeps you from accidents that may occur as a result of under or over inflation of your tires.

There is so much more to tires than what I have listed but this guide allows you to know what to look out for every morning before you leave your house as far as tires are concerned. Remember to always rely on professional tire personnel before purchasing your tires and when you need to have your tires maintained.

How do you ensure your tires are in excellent condition? We would love to hear from you!

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