I remember what our first event was like, exciting and scary at the same time. It was a rally held by Xtreme Kenya racing. A team that is paving their way in the racing world that is already dominated by veterans. Part of our participation would entail providing some sponsoring for the event. The scary bit was that when you start up, cash flow is strained and expenses are the only sponsorees you can afford. Fear is a good motivator however, we got the funds and went to the event. I should also mention that at this point we were certain that we needed to go to this event.

Fast forward to this year, MKA which stands for the motorcycle Kenya Association, the umbrella body for motorcycle owners in Kenya, accepted our proposal for partnership. This came with invitations to attend their annual events. We were better prepared and our set up looked much better. Our photography was also more professional. Good photos make a whole big difference. Our sales conversion rate improved and yes, although we do not do this for the sales, some money is always welcome.

Rhino charge briefing earlier this month. Our best event so far and rightly so, since it’s our latest event. We had to get the tenting by ourselves which meant a bit more work that we have encountered before. The event went down well. The crowd was lovely and just being there made sense. We are learning that we don’t have to go everywhere but the places we go to should count.

Rhino charge event, Braeburn school

We are at the beginning of our thousand miles but it feels good to know that we are moving in the right direction.

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