Tribute to Throttle Adventures +254.

We met this amazing couple some time early this year during a biker’s event and got to learn of their plan to ride across the world. Ride..yes, on their motorcycles, just the two of them and any friends they make along the way for three years. They go by the name throttle adventures and we were deeply enthralled and interested in understanding how they would carry out this adventure. There is something absolutely beguiling about venturing into the unknown and this is certainly one of those stories.


Wamuyu and Dos have an interesting story. One of meeting while doing what they enjoy – riding – and eventually building love out of that, enough to want to go on an adventure together. It is amazing what shared interests could eventually lead to once you embrace the potential of something like that happening. We spoke to the couple about how they were intending to prepare for the journey, how would they raise funds and what would they do about the life they were leaving behind. Jobs, property, family and friends and the the fact that they had this planned out and were okay with offloading, ie getting rid of the excess baggage so to speak to facilitate their adventure was what stood out. I guess you can’t get out of your comfort zone if you are not willing to lay down a few comforts along the way.

This lovely couple has been on the road since the beginning of July this year. They are currently clocked at country 6, maybe 8 by the time i am publishing this and so far, the journey looks amazing. You can follow them here or follow their website to get a taste of the amazing destinations they will be visiting.

This was not meant to be a salesy blog post but for the record, we fitted their bikes with slime tyre sealant. Our way of contributing to their wonderful cause and ensuring their ride across the world will be as comfortable as can be. Did I also mention that we are quite the generous bunch? That too. We wish the lovely couple a great time. Life’s too short for ordinary adventures – We could not agree more.

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